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Answer your questions

In general, the following guidelines apply as set by Hack4Elder advantAGE:

Hack4Elder advantAGE does not make any claims to Intellectual Property (IP) that emerges from the event. It is up to each team to decide on the ownership of any work that is developed during the hackathon. Teams generally share IP based on individual contributions and commitment, but project leads should establish it with their team in advance.

A hackathon is an ideal place to work on ideas that you may be comfortable sharing with others, but this does not mean that you must give up ownership of your idea or project. Some hackathon projects lead to the founding of a real company down the road, while others are released for free to the community. It is up to each project lead to decide on a structure and communicate this to collaborators.

It is a great opportunity to do so and form a great team to work on your idea, so we highly recommend it! You can also pose a problem if you like. But, no it is not obligatory to pitch an idea. At the start of the weekend, several participants will pitch their ideas and you will be able to choose which idea you want to work on!

Yes! As long as your idea is related to helping the elderly release their own potential and a possible solution can be prototyped technically, digitally or visually.

You do not need to for a group beforehand. We encourage you to come by yourself and form a team with people you don’t know. The combination of people from different backgrounds will generate new and exciting perspectives!

Just your laptop and an adapter. We will provide food and drinks during the weekend.

Designers, developers, entrepreneurs, researchers, university professors, healthcare professionals, patients, creative people, and more type of people are encouraged to join! Be it student or professional. These groups and anyone interested are invited to pitch their idea/problem OR to join a team to build out ideas and develop solutions. The goal is to leverage the skills and energy of all the participants to move each idea forward. New people, new ideas, new solutions!

The primary goal of the hackathon is to rapidly prototype practical ideas that could release the elders’ full potential and added value in society.

Our broader vision is to foster collaborative, cross-disciplinary relationships that can lead to more significant innovation down the road. Not all ideas can be prototyped within a day or a week, and many ideas lay dormant simply because domain experts do not know whom to talk to about building their ideas.

The process to follow for participants to take part in the Hackathon is as follows:

  • Fill out the registration form in the Hackathon’s Eventbrite website, there is both an individual and a group participation category. (Until September 22nd, 2018 at 00:00).
  • If you are an individual participant, we will put you in contact with other individual participants before the hackathon and you can start Hacking4elder advantAGE together!

If you conform a group before registering, you can start Hacking4elder advantAGE together!

The presentation of the Hackathon will take place on Saturday, September 22 from 12:00 to 2:00 p.m. in the Euskalduna Palace in Bilbao, Biscay (Spain). In said session,

  • A presentation of the objectives and subcategories of Hack4Elder advantAGE will be made.
  • The jury members will be introduced
  • Our mentors will explain their main issues and problems as elders.
  • There will be a questions and answers session.
  • Hacking4elder advantAGE will begin!

During the hackathon,

  • Attendees will have the possibility to participate in a brief networking session.
  • Snacks, drinks and food will be constantly offered to attendees.
  • Our group of mentors will visit each team to learn about their ideas and contribute with their experiences.

In the end of the hackathon,

  • The deadline for delivery of the solution will end on September 23, 2017, at 19:00. A PowerPoint, Prezi or PDF document explaining the solution and it’s current status of development (protoypes, apps, websites, business ideas, etc) must be delivered by email to hack4elder.biscay@deusto.es before then. The expected duration of the project presentation is 5-10 minutes per project.
  • The hackathon will conclude with a project presentation session (on September 23, 2017, at 19:00) in which each team will show and explain how their solution will contribute to release elder’s full potential and added value in society.

After the event, the material used in the project presentation, the display of the winning solutions and documentation of the contest will be published on the website.

Controller – Who is the controller of the personal data that you supply?


NIF: ES 34 R4868004E

Email contact: hack4elder.biscay@deusto.es

Postal address: Avenida de las Universidades, 24-Bilbao (CP-48007)

Data Protection Officer (DPO): Audit and Internal Control Director

Telephone: 94 413 94 30

Email:  dpo@deusto.es

Purpose – Why do we process your data?

University of Deusto stores and processes the data you supply to manage the AAL 2018 Hackathon Hack4Elder advantAGE. As main organization partner, the University of Deusto will exclusively share the collected data with backing partners of the hackathon, all of them based in Europe. Aggregated data about collected information regarding the hackathon will be generated and published publicly.

Legal ground – What is the legal basis to process your data?

The legal basis to store, share and process your data is the informed consent obtained from you by ticking the box explicitly authorizing the University of Deusto to do so, according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

If you do not supply the requested data, your service request will not be satisfied.

If we send you any dissemination or communication information about our activities and services or carry out any profiling about your interactions with us, this will be exclusively about the AAL 2018 Hackathon.

Data Processors – Who will be able to process your data?

Processing your request does not imply that we can share data with third parties. This will not be the case unless there is legal enforcement to do so. Besides, we will not make international transfers of the collected data.

Preservation – How long will we keep your data?

The gathered personal data will be kept during the lifetime to the project.

Data which entails economic or financial management by University of Deusto will be kept during 5 years, bearing in mind the tax regulations the organization is subject to.

The data will be kept for statistical purposes, first removing personal identification data.

The data needed to send communications related to the project and profiles will be kept until the person explicitly requests their records to be removed.

Rights – Which are your rights when you supply your data?

Every person has the right to obtain confirmation on whether the University of Deusto is processing their personal data or not. The person concerned has the right to access their personal data, to request its rectification in case personal data is not accurate or, in its case, to request their removal when, among other reasons, data is no longer necessary for the purposes it was collected for. In some circumstances, the person concerned may request restriction of processing of their personal data. In such case, data will only be kept to process legal claims.

In some circumstances and for motives related to their particular situation, the person concerned can object to the processing of their personal data. University of Deusto will stop managing their data, unless there are legal grounds for processing such data, or to be able to defend from potential legal complaints. The person concerned can request data portability in order to obtain the data that they have supplied to University of Deusto in a structured manner, of common use and enabling mechanical processing, to be downloaded or communicated by University of Deusto to another entity.

The person concerned can exercise his or her rights by sending an email to the following address privacidad@deusto.es which will be available in our web page. Besides, it can issue a complaint to the Spanish Data Protection Agency, especially when their data protections rights have not been respected, in the postal and electronic address indicated in the web page www.agpd.es.

Security – How is the data collected protected?

Data will be treated in a confidential manner and subject to suitable technical and organization measures to avoid their counterfeiting, loss or unauthorized access and processing.

1. Aim achievement : Does the solution cover any elders’ important need? Does it help the elders releasing their full potential and added value in society? Does the solution have a strong social impact?

2. Business potential, Innovation & Sustainability : Is it a sustainable solution? Is it innovative/creative? Does it have business potential? Does it include an exploitation plan?

3. Interdisciplinarity & Intergenerational cooperation : Did it include intergenerational cooperation? Is the solution interdisciplinary?

4. Feasability : Is it finished? To what extent? How long until the solution can be applied and exploited to fulfill the hackathon’s objective?

5. Presentation & Pitching: Is the presentation method a correct display of the solution and its potential? Did the presentation have the correct duration?

Location of the Event

Euskalduna Palace

Attendance is FREE and there is 2000€ IN CASH PRIZES!

The first 30 participants registered will get FREE ACCESS
to the 2018 AAL Forum (24-26 Sept.) and FREE ACCOMODATION (22-26 Sept.)


Location of the Event

Euskalduna Palace